Save Fenton Town Hall – Donation Appeal

We recognise at the outset of the Save Fenton Town Hall campaign that we will need funds to assist us to win our fight.
We are expecting to have to meet lots of legal costs, have to raise a fee to buy the property and have money in the pot to renovate the historical ballroom to use it as a community venue.
We will need as much support as possible to achieve this, but if we all do a bit, then together we can make this happen.
If you can support the Save Fenton Town Hall campaign and we will add your name to this page.

save fenton town hall appeal

Every Donation will get a name check on the website.
If you donate £10 or above we will put a link to your website
All monies will be handled by the Fenton Community Association.
A simple promise is all we ask at this stage, while we get the committee formed.
Please email with a commitment and we will get in touch when we are set up to collect.

4 thoughts on “Save Fenton Town Hall – Donation Appeal

  1. gary bills says:

    have you got a just giving site, if not why not. get one up and running and we can all publish it. social media, a power tool.

  2. Marie Gallagher says:

    Help save fentons town ha
    ll and great war memorial.

  3. Alan Lockley says:

    Samuel Lockley is the uncle of my father in law also named Samuel Lockley named after Samuel Lockley senior. My father in law only found out 2 yrs ago about his uncle why I was doing the family tree for my husband Alan Lockley.

  4. Alan Lockley says:

    Samuel Lockley is named on the War Memorial for the 1st World War in Fenton Town Hall. The family of Samuel Lockley are all from the Fenton Area including my husband Alan Lockley. To all the men who died to give us our freedom I salute you & you should never be forgotten.

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