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If you have any news about Fenton then please email it to info@fentontown.org.uk and we’ll do our best to share it with the world.

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  1. David Cope says:


    I heard the broadcast on BBC Radio Stoke this morning(16/05/13) and I was wondering if you had thought of having a Facebook page about ‘Save Fenton Town Hall’ with various bits of information about what is needed to raise the funds to buy the hall? I was just thinking that the more media coverage there is then maybe the more funds will be raised. You could also put old/present photo’s of the hall to attract attention. There is a ‘Meir Remembered’ Facebook page which posts old photo’s of Meir and surrounding towns and it seems to be very well visited, so maybe you could speak with them to get the town profile raised some what? I also saw that when Churnet Valley were trying to raise money they had a monitor on their website showing how much was raised at present and also showing how much more is needed to be raised. I think that might inspire people to donate a bit more if they can see how close you are to saving the full amount needed. I think it would be helpful to list what plans that might be being discussed if we do buy the hall, such as, leasing out rooms for commercial use or updating the hall to hold parties/weddings and if somebody donates to the cause then they might get discount when using the hall or maybe buy shares into it going forward.

    Just a couple of thoughts that I hope may help!!!

    Best regards,
    David Cope (0790 560 9998)

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